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3 Steps to Purchasing Mobile Homes for Sale in San Diego

Our experience of buying and selling mobile homes for sell in San Diego will help save you time and money. Whether you purchase one or several mobile homes for sale in San Diego, the process will be the same. There are three things you can do to save yourself time and money. Figure out your price range, what type of community fits your lifestyle and choose the right mobile homes sales agent will help you make a more informed decision with your investment.

Many of our customers start their search before knowing what their budget is. Sometimes our taste doesn’t fit our budget. Or we’ve had clients who are pleasantly surprised they can purchase a bigger home than they anticipated. The first thing you should do is get a pre-approved for financing. Financing on a mobile home in a leased-land community is different than a Real Estate loan. Mobile home loans in Leased-land Communities are called Chattel loans. You’re leasing the land but own your home. There are banks who specialize in these types of loans. If you need a chattel loan, we provide resources at the end of this artic. Once you are pre-approved for a loan you will be able to narrow your search down by price range and the type of community.

Mobile home parks in San Diego range in age, size, offer different amenities and charge different fees. Some are also age restricted. The two most common types of mobile home parks are all age or 55 plus. 55 Plus communities may require both parties to be at the age of 55 or over, while others will allow the second person to be 18 and over. Some amenities offered at these types of communities are tennis courts, a clubhouse, swimming pool, exercise room, lakes, and much more. Be sure you choose the right mobile home sales agent. Choosing the right sales agent is the number one way to save yourself time and money. Now you’re wondering, “how do I know what agent to choose?” Don’t be afraid to ask your agent questions but don’t expect them to know everything. Choose an agent who is knowledgeable and surrounded around the right team. If an agent is surrounded by the right team, they will be able to get back to you with the right answer. Being on a team will also give you a better “bang for your buck.” More people working to sell your home increases the chances of selling your home more quickly. Knowing your price range, type of mobile home park and choosing the right sales agent will save you time and money when purchasing mobile homes for sale in San Diego. Home Quest has the largest network of mobile parks with mobile homes for sale. Contact a Sales Consultant today at (866) 720-2207 or visit our team page. We also have resources for financing. To be contacted by a Loan Consultant visit

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