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Listings List

Getting to List

In order to view the Listing List you just need to click the “My Listings List” button in the sidebar on the left side of the main page.

Listing List View

When you click on the button you will be taken to a list like the one below:

Filtering by Status

On the left side under “My Listings List” you will see some options which will filter the list for you. By default it will show you all of the Listings. You will be able to see listings assigned to other agents as well as your own. If you select “Published” only published listings will show in the list for example.
This is the equivalent to selecting the Status filter on the top of the list. You can do it either way.

Filtering by Published On Website

In the “Filter By Published” filter field you can select 1 of 3 options for showing listings published to the main website or not.


If you leave it blank, it is the equivalent of selecting “All Listings“.


Selecting “Shown on Website” will only show listings where the HQS Website checkbox on the listing detail is checked. The “Not Shown on Website” option will show only listings where that checkbox is unchecked.

Sorting the List

To sort the list you make a selection in the “Order By” drop-down at the top of the list. The default sort order is by the time that the listing was made in descending order.

Searching for a Listing

To search for a specific listing then you can start typing in a word in the search box in the upper right. If there are any matches to the park name of the property, then it will show a list of matches as a drop-down beneath the search bar.


If you select a property in the list, then it will enter that into the search bar for you.


When you click “Search” then the matching results will be shown.

The search is only within the Status filter you selected, so if you search for “coro” and you are showing only published then only properties that contain the text “coro” in the park name and are also published are shown.

To Preview the Listing

To preview some of the details of the listing, then just click either the image or the park name of the listing.

To Edit the Listing

In order to edit the details of the listing you need to select the Actions button on the right and select “Edit Listing” for the appropriate listing you want to edit. You will be taken to the Listing Detail screen.


For more detail about the Listing Detail screen, click here.

An agent can view any listing, however only the assigned main or secondary agent can view the Contact information on the listing. Also only the main or secondary agent assigned to the listing can edit it.

To View the Resale Checklist

In order to view the checklist of tasks to do for this listing you will need to select the Actions button on the right and select “Resale Checklist“. You will be taken to a different screen for the Resale Checklist.

You can only view the resale checklist to a listing if you are the Main Agent to a listing or if you are the Secondary Agent to the listing. If you need access to the resale checklist, you will need to have the listing agent or an Admin add you as a Secondary Agent if you aren’t one.
For more information about the Resale Checklist click here.
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