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Managing Tasks

Viewing tasks on the Dashboard

You can view all of the tasks assigned to the current logged in agent at the bottom of the dashboard view.
This shows the current tasks that are not completed yet and it shows the Title of the task, who it was assigned to, and the due date/time of the task.

Task Preview

If you click on the task, then a dialog of the task will pop-up that will show you more details.

This view is just for display only and the task is not editable from here.


  • Lead Type – The type of lead the task is related to.
  • Lead Owner – The agent that is assigned to the Lead related to this task.
  • Task Title – The name given to this task.
  • Start Date – The start date of the task.
  • Due Date – The date that the task is due to be completed.
  • Assigned To – Who the task is assigned to.
  • Priority – The priority level of the task.
  • Importance – The importance level of the task.
  • Status – The status of the task.
  • Assigned By – The person who created the task.
  • Percent Complete – The percentage completion of the task.
  • Description – A full description of the task.
  • Notes – Any additional notes for the task.

To jump to the related lead, just click on the “Go To Lead” button and it will take you to the Lead detail screen.

Filtering the Tasks

Clicking the Filter icon will bring up a popup where you can enter criteria to filter the task list by.

The first filter is by agent and if you select the agent from the list, then it will only show tasks assigned to that agent.


The second filter is for what the task is related to. If you select “Leads”, then it will only show you tasks related to Leads and if you select “Contact”, then it will only show you tasks related to Contacts, etc.


The “Clear” button will reset the filters back to unspecified so that all tasks will show.


The “Apply” button will refresh the task list based on the filters you specified.

Viewing a Task from the Tasks Tab

From the Lead, Contact, or Deal detail views you can view a list of Tasks on the Tasks tab.

This tab shows a list of all tasks for the Lead/Contact/Deal sorted with the oldest on the top.


It shows the task title, who it was assigned to, the due date and status.


The status of the task is color coded and the legend appears on the top. When you first schedule a task, it will show as Upcoming in yellow. When the due date is passed and it has not been completed yet, then it will show red for Pending. Lastly when the task is Completed, it will turn green.


To complete a task, just click the checkmark icon on the right side of the task.


When you click on the task from these views then you will see a dialog that looks like below which allows you to edit the information related to the task.

Create a New Task

To create a new task click on the Plus Icon and a pop-up form will come up where you can fill out the details of the new task.

On this view you will need to enter a title, priority level, importance level, the start date, the due date, and a description of what the task is.


The task is automatically assigned to the person assigned to the Lead.


When you are done, click the “Save Task” button in the lower right to create it. If you click the X button in the upper right the window will close and your data will not be saved.

Filtering Tasks in Tab View

You can filter the tasks in the Tab view by clicking in the filter icon on the upper left hand side. 

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