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Managing Calls

View Incoming Calls

To view incoming calls from the contact you can view them on the “Incoming Calls” page. You can get to this page by clicking the “Incoming Calls” option underneath the HQS CRM section.
You can also get to the “Incoming Calls” screen by clicking on the phone icon on the upper right of the main views. The number above the icon tells you how many incoming calls you currently have that you have not processed yet.
Clicking either of these buttons will take you to the Incoming Calls view which looks like below:
This view shows all incoming calls that have not been handled yet, whether you have answered them or they left a voicemail or not.
The columns show the name of the person who called, whether they are a lead or contact, the date/time that the call was made, and any voicemail that they left.
The phone icon will allow you to call back the person and it will bring up the pop-up for starting a call.

Listen to voicemail

If the caller has left a voicemail, then you can listen to it by using the tool under the Voicemail column.
If the caller has left a voicemail, then you can listen to it by using the tool under the Voicemail column.


If you have a lot of calls in the list and you would like to find a specific one, you can search for it by typing in the first few characters of what you want to search for into the search box on the upper right of the list. The results will automatically filter as you type.

Mark as Read

In order to make a message be removed from this list, you will need to either choose “Mark as Read” or “Send Reply & Read” from the Actions Menu.
The Mark as Read button will remove the message from the list immediately while the Send Reply & Read will open up the “Reply to SMS” screen.
Once you enter the text for the message and click “Send SMS“, then the message will be put in the queue and the message you replied to will be marked as read so that it will be removed from the list.

View Message History

To view a history of all Messages in relation to a specific Lead or Contact you go to the SMS Tab in their respective detail view.

You can see each message ordered with the most recent at the top to the oldest at the bottom.


Note: You can’t see any unread messages in this view, only outgoing messages or read incoming messages will show here.
When you click on a message a dialog will pop up showing the message details.
If any pictures or videos were included in the text message, then they will show in the “Attached Media” section, otherwise that section won’t show.


You can filter the message history by clicking on the funnel icon in the upper left of the SMS Tab which will pop-down another section to enter your filter criteria.
Whom You SMS – There are 4 options in this field: Agents, Contacts, Phone Number – Single, and Bulk SMS
  • Agents – You can select to filter by the messages sent by the agent associated with lead/contact.
  • Contacts – You can select to filter by the messages sent by the contact associated with the lead/contact.
  • Phone Number – Single – You can type in your own phone number to filter the list to show only messages that match that phone number.
  • Bulk SMS – You can filter the list by multiple phone numbers that you specify.

Start/End Date – Specify a start and end date to filter the list by any message that was sent in that date range.


SMS Status – Select to choose to filter to show only “Failed To Send” or “Success” messages.


Search – Type in a word or part of a word to search for that word in the text of the message.




Once you have entered your filter parameters then you click the “Apply Filters” button to filter the list.


If you want to start over or want to see the full list again, click the “Clear Filters” button.

Other Notes

The number that the text message is sent from is whatever phone number is set up for the current user that is logged in. This is set up in the backend in the Users record. 

This number must match a number that is set up in Twilio in order for the messaging to work. For more information about how to set up a number in Twilio click here.
You will also see this phone number in the upper left of the main screens.
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