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Managing Deals

How it is Created

A Deal is created from one of the Offers associated with the Property on the Resale Checklist.
When you are on the offer dialog that shows the list of offers, there is a “handshake” icon on the right side that when clicked will create a Deal record associated with the offer.
When the deal is successfully created then you will see this dialog below pop up at the top of the browser window.
If you click the “handshake” button again after the deal is already created then you will be taken to the Deal detail view for the particular deal.

Deal List

Once you create a deal it will show in the Deal List.
You can access this list by clicking on the Deals option underneath the HQS CRM in the sidebar.
Once you click the link it will take you to a view like below:

The columns in the list are as follows:

– Buyer Name

– Park Name and Space Number

– Buyer Phone Number

– Buyer Email Address

– Deal Status

– Creation Date and Time

– Deal Owner (The agent who is responsible for the deal)

Filtering the List

The deals that you view in the list can be filtered by either the Deal Status and/or a general search.


To filter by Deal Status select from the drop-down in the upper left of the list.

The available statuses that are possible to select from the list are:

  • Opened
  • In Escrow
  • Escrow Closed
  • Sold
  • Escrow Canceled
Once you select a status then the list will be filtered to only show matching deals with the status you selected.
To do a general search on any column in the list, just start typing in a keyword in the “Search” field in the upper right of the list. Only records that have that keyword in any of the columns will show.
If you have a deal status filter selected, then the general search will be limited to ones with the matching status as well.

The list will try and filter after every character you type, so you don’t need to press enter.

Available Actions

In the Actions drop-down on the right-side of a deal record you can View/Edit the deal, View the Resale Checklist, and delete the deal.

  • View Edit Deal – When you click on this it will take you to the Deal Detail view.
  • Resale Checklist – Clicking this will take you to the resale checklist related to the lead.
  • Delete Deal – This will delete the deal related to the offer and leave the offer in place.

Deal Detail View

You can access the detail view by clicking the “View/Edit Deal” action or by clicking on the Buyer Name on the deal

Either of these methods will take you to the Deal Detail like shown below:

The fields in the top have of the view, from Park Name to Deal Created, are not editable and are pulled from related Lead/Listing records.


The fields in the middle from Price Quoted to Forecasted Close Date are editable and any changes made here will be saved if you click the “Save Deal” button on the bottom.


At the bottom of the view is the Registered Owner info which is pulled from the Lead detail and is not editable.


The general comments on the bottom allows you to create a note for the deal.

Canceling a Deal

To cancel a deal, just select the “Escrow Canceled” option in the Status drop-down menu.


When you do this it will unlink the deal from the Resale Checklist so that another offer can be made into a deal for that property.

View Related Listing

If you click the Listing Name in the Deal, then you can jump to the related listing in the listing detail screen.

Additional Info

At the right side of the screen are additional subtabs that are similar to what you see on the Lead details and Contact details.

The activity tab shows only activity related to the specific deal you are viewing but the other tabs show the same info as on the related Lead record.

Deals on Dashboard

The Dashboard view shows all open deals related to the logged in agent.


The total count of deals and their dollar value shows up in the upper left above the calendar.

On the bottom right there is a list of all of the open deals. It shows the name of the listing, the amount that is offered, the phone number of the buyer, and the projected close date for escrow.


If you click on the deal in the list, then you will be taken to the deal detail view.

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