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Creating a Listing

Initiated from "Add New Listing"

One way to create a new listing is to to click on the “Add New Listing” button in the sidebar on the home screen.

Once you click on that then you will be taken to a New Listing Form as shown below.

You start off on the Details Tab but you can navigate to the other tabs by manually clicking on them on the top or by clicking the Previous and Next buttons buttons at the bottom of the form.

Details Tab

Next step is to fill out the Details tab. You must fill out all of the required fields which are marked with an *. For a reference to all of the fields click here.

Other Info Tab

After you fill out the Details Tab, then you proceed to the Other Info tab. There are no required fields in this section but just fill out any that you can. For a reference to all of the fields click here.

Media Tab

After you are done with the Other Info Tab, then you can use the Media Tab to upload all of the media (photos, videos, etc.) to the listing.

To Insert a Picture:

To insert media you can drag and drop the image from your desktop or wherever your photo is stored to the grey area near the top of the section. Another option is to click the “Select Media” button and then navigate using File Explorer to your file and then select it.


If you try to upload a file that is not an image or pdf (png, jpg, pdf, etc.) then an error will be returned such as “-601, Message:File extension error” above the grey area.


You must select at least 1 image in order to submit the listing and it must be at least 500 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width. The reason for this size minimum is because any image smaller than that will not look good on the website. The larger the image the longer it will take to upload.


Once you upload the image then it will show in a grid above the grey drag and drop area.

  • The trashcan icon will delete the image that you uploaded.
  • The “A” icon will popup a text box for you to assign a title to the picture.
  • Double-clicking on an image will assign that as the favorite image and the star icon will appear. Only one photo can be favorited. By default the first image that you upload will be the favorite.
  • You can also drag the pictures around to reorder them.

To Link to a Video:

Select where the video is hosted in the Video from field. Supported options are video, youtube, or rumble.


Next enter the video id to the video in the Embed Video id field. This is usually located at the end of the url that goes to the video.


For example, the bold section in this url “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxoFhlcRmGU” is the id of the video.


You can also provide details for the link to the virtual tour in the Virtual Tour field. You would need to provide the full url if you are to have a link in this field.

Location Tab

Next you must fill out the Location tab for where the property is located.
When you select a park, the park’s address is automatically entered in here for you.
If the Long/Lat is NOT populating on the location tab of the Listing record, you must go to the Parks section of the CRM and search for the related Park and ensure that you select the address from the list of Google addresses in order to refresh the Long/Lat. This will ensure that the Address is certified correctly to an actual address for the Park.
If the address is not populated, then you can start typing in the field, a list of suggested addresses will show for auto-completion.
When you select an address, it will auto-populate the rest of the fields for you including the latitude and longitude.

Floor Plans Tab

After you have filled out the Location tab, then you can upload images related to the floor plan of the property.

Select Agents

First, you select the Main Agent associated with the listing from the list. This is a list of all agents set up for HQS. This is a required field. The secondary agent is optional.

Add Floor Plans

If you plan on using floorplans for the property, click the checkbox for “Use Floor Plans” and then click the “Add Another Plan” button. You can add multiple plans to the property this way.


When you add a plan you can fill out its details with the title, description, size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and the price. By default this info is auto-populated with the info that was entered into the details tab.


You can also add an image for the floor plan by clicking the “Upload Plan Image” button and selecting an image on your hard drive. Only one image is allowed per floor plan.


If you need to delete a floor plan you added then click the “Delete Plan” button in the upper right of the floor plan.

Amenities Tab

Lastly, you need to select the amenities included with the property on the amenities tab.
You just need to mark the checkbox next to each item that is included. You can also add a general description of the property that will show on the listing. This description is limited to 1,300 characters so that the listing can be published to Linked In without any issues. This can be used to include any amenities or other details that aren’t included in the list of checkboxes. There is a formatting bar that can be used to add formatting to the text.

Submitting Form

Once you have filled out all of the information on a particular tab you can save the info and go to the next tab by clicking Save and Next button located at the bottom of each tab.

Initiated from Lead Detail

Another way to create a new listing is to to click on the “Add New Listing” button when you have selected a “Non-Listed Home” on the Lead Detail screen.
Once you click on the button it will bring up a shortened form to fill out listing information with only required fields.
Once you click on the button it will bring up a shortened form to fill out listing information with only required fields.
If you click the X button in the upper right before you save the listing, then you will lose all of the information you have entered.
Once all required fields are entered you can submit the form by clicking “Save Listing” and then a new listing record will be created and it will be associated to the lead that you are on.


The Seller information you enter here will automatically populate the Contact information on the Lead.

A Listing created this way will have the “HQS Website” checkbox not selected by default so that it won’t show up on the main website.
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