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Accessory Dwelling Units are becoming more and more popular in Southern California

Posted by Tim on December 14, 2021

Accessory Dwelling Units are becoming more and more popular in Southern California due to the high housing costs, limited real estate, and mandates placed on local governing bodies by Governor Gavin Newsom.  Several years ago, Governor Newsome declared California to be in a housing crisis.  This put everyone in scrambling mode to figure out how we can add more housing.

Governor Newsome is requiring all cities and counties to provide “x” percentage of housing, forcing them to allow an accessory dwelling unit on the property, assuming the owners comply to fire and building codes.  Many homes and landowners are turning to manufactured housing built to the HUD building codes to build an accessory dwelling unit in their backyard.  Manufactured housing is more efficient and cost-effective.Accessory Dwelling Units

Manufactured Homes built to the HUD building code are built in a controlled environment, where the building materials such as wood and insulation are NOT EXPOSED TO THE WEATHER.  Two other advantages to choosing manufactured housing for your accessory dwelling unit are the integrity and efficiency with the building process.  Manufactured Homes are designed to travel more than 55 miles per hour down the freeway for hundreds of miles.  There is no better simulation of an earthquake, testing the integrity of the structure.

HomeQuest’s relationships with several manufacturers in the Western United States allow us to provide options for our customers.  Each manufacturer who builds accessory dwelling units in California offers something different.  Some manufacturers build a “Cadillac” of a home, while other manufacturers provide an entry-level home making them more affordable

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