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Skyline's manufactured homes offers it's customers several mobile home floor plans and models to choose from.  Amber Cove is their entry level home which comes in a variety of sizes ranging from single-wides to double-wide manufactured homes as well as 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.  If you are looking for a more upscale home Skyline's Palm Springs or Custom Villas models will be a better choice for you.


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Amber Cove

14 Series Amber Cove

4517CT 36'x14'- 1 bed/1 bath

4502CTE 52'x14'- 1 bed/ 1 bath

4540CT 60'x14'- 2 bed/ 1bath


16 Series Amber Cove

K220CTC 40'x16'- 1 bed/1 bath

K241CT 56'x16'- 3 bed/1 bath


24 Series Amber Cove

K600CT 48'x24'- 4 bed/2 bath

K619CT 56'x24'- 3 bed/2 bath

K620CT 44'x24'- 3 bed/2 bath


28 Series Amber Cove

K755CT 48'x28'- 3 bed/2 bath

K770CT 44'x28'- 3 bed/2 bath

K755 48'x28'- 3 bed/2 bath


Pine Ridge 14 Series

4517CT 36'x14'- 1 bed/1 bath

4502CTE 52'x14'- 2 bed/1 bath

4541CT 60'x14'- 2 bed/1 bath (separate living room from kitchen)

4540CT 60'x14'- 2 bed/2 bath

4512CT 66'x14'- 3 bed/2 bath (3rd bath optional)


Palm Springs 16 Series

1100CTD 44'x16'- 1 bed/1 bath

1101CT 56'x16'- 2 bed/2 bath

1106CT 60'x16'- 3 bed/2 bath

1141CT 60'x16'- 2 bed/1 bath


Pine Ridge 20 Series

4610CTC 40'x20'- 2 bed/2 bath

4602CTC 44'x20'- 2 bed/2 bath

4604CTC 48'x20'- 2 bed/2bath

4617CTC 48'x20'- 3 bed/2 bath

4607CTC 52'x20'- 2 bed/2 bath (3rd bedroom optional)

4616CTC 56'x20'- 2 bed/2 bath (3rd bedroom optional)


Palm Springs Custom- 24/28 Series

2326CTB 32'x24'- 2 bed/2 bath

2304CTB 44'x24'- 2 bed/2 bath

2316CTB 45'/44'x24'- 3 bed/2 bath (den optional)

2305CTB 52'24'- 3 bed/2 bath (den optional)

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